our good friend, aziz ansari, has made a fun little video that will leave your sides splitting. we make a guest appearance in the film, and have posted it below. so check it out already!

in other news, we’ve made a quick little pit-stop in town for the past few weeks and have tried to catch our collective breathes as we prep up for our trip to Ireland and the UK. thanks to the futureheads for being such great touring buddies, and to all the folks who came out early to the shows to catch a little bit of the brothers tapes. we also had good fun at both pitchfork and street scene, so we hope y’all did, too.

as promised a while back, we finally have the full run down on our Letterman appearance. since this drags on a bit, we’ve plopped it over on our myspace blog. so if you’re interested…click here

that’s all for now. talk to you all soon.