yesterday, on the 10th of july, the first ever single for tapes ‘n tapes (that’s us) was released on XL Recordings, it’s ah called, insistor. now what do you need if you got a single…

well, you need a 7”. check

you need a b-side. check (that’d be frankfurt)

you need a video. check

so it sounds like we got ourselves a single. there you have it.

what else do we got? well we just shot a video for cowbell this weekend. the talented carolyn london directed us all over and through beautiful minneapolis land and cityscapes. at the end of it all tapes got his little butt singed by the flames of a burning car. that’s right, we burned a car for absolutely no reason other than asthetics. i guess he deserved a little bum burn for that. more on that there video later, for now our focus is insistor, insistor, insistor.