back for the attack. after 19 shows in 18 days, the brothers tapes have returned home safely to the city of lakes. however, there is no rest for the weary, as they are heading back on the road tomorrow to play shows in iowa city and lincoln, ne. then it will be into the practice space to haul up and work on some new material (purportedly the boys are really into lighter fabrics and plaids right now, so we’re really not sure what to expect).

many many thanks to all the kind people who gave up their floors/beds for the boys to sleep on while they were on this last tour. without you, they would have surely befell harm at some unsightly rest-stop/park where they would have been forced to sleep. additional thanks to all the crazy kids who came out to see the tapes show. it was a great tour, and it surely would have not been as great if there hadn’t been so many of you crazy kids…you know who you are. last, but certainly not least, the band would like to give “mad ups” to all the other bands that they had the pleasure of sharing the stage with…you also know who you are. i guess they would also like to “give super duper mad respect” to the few bands they played more than one show with. there was some other stuff they wanted to say, too, but we cut them off after “super duper mad respect”.

on the multimedia news front, some live concert footage has been added to the tapes page. our good friends over at schedule two shot the footage at the feb. 25 tapes show at the entry. it is rad. there is also a live interview with tapes up now you to can marvel at the angelic, and nasal speaking voice of tapes.

in the “holy crap” news department: tapes ‘n tapes have recently been spotted in the new york timesthe washigton post, and onnpr. for real!