back for a few

it’s true, it’s true, the brothers tapes completed their tour of europe and made it back to the beautiful twin cities. thanks to everyone who came out to the shows. it was a blast! special thanks to stan the man, senor jamie, ol paulie, and the neon hearts, for maximizing all possible fun.

“what’s next for the old brothers tapes?”, you ask.

well…for now we’re “taking it easy” for a few days, or as the fresh prince would say, “maxin and relaxin”. but we won’t be on our asses for long, as we’re headin back out on the road first thing thursday morning. look out seattle, japan, and australia, here we come!

finally, after the last of the 2006 jetsetting, we will return home for a super-rad show at first avenue on december 29th. we are brimming with excitement. in fact, i just pulled jerry out of the middle of lyndale…he was trying to dance with the cars again. he gets so excited some times.

that’s all for now. thanks for reading our endless internets babble.