Japan, Australia, and our stolen stuff

first off, we’d like to thank everyone who came out to our shows in japan and australia. we felt really fortunate to get the opportunity to play in such wonderful places. it was one of the coolest things any of us will ever get to do. so thanks, to everyone who made it so much fun, and to beautiful australian weather, that warmed our cold minnesota bodies.

unfortunately, not everything was flowers and sunshine downunder. on friday, only a few hours before we were scheduled to fly home from perth, we got robbed. our van was parked at city beach (right outside of perth, australia), while we were taking a brief frolic in the indian ocean. our tour manager left the van unattended for about 10 minutes, and when we came back, someone had pried open a window and stole a lot of our personal belongings. Luckily very little of our gear was stolen (only 2 big muff distortion pedals, one boss loop station, one DW9000 kick drum pedal, and a tambourine). But our personal belongings did not fair so well. One of our passports was stolen, two mac laptops were stolen, one digital camera, all of josh’s clothes, one blackberry, two cell phones, and all sorts of various inconvenient personal effects (glasses, keys, wallets, shoes, etc.). So far nothing has been recovered by the police. One of us is still stuck in Australia, sorting out passport details, but hopefully that should be resolved in the next 48hrs. The biggest thing that we lost from all of this was years worth of photos and other sentimental stuff stored on the two computers that were stolen. we’ll probably never see any of these things again, but in the off chance that any of you might come across any of it, we’ve added some descriptive information below. thanks to everyone who’s already helped us out with all of this.

some more detailed descriptions of stolen stuff:
-black macbook – serial #4H6460RRWGM
-silver mac 12” powerbook – still looking for the serial number
-blue and black graves suit case with all sorts of colorful t-shirts and some stinky levi’s jeans, and even stinkier socks
-green russian made big muff pedal – hand decorated with picture of gene simmons face (also know as the “limited edition gene simmons big muff”)
-silver US made big muff pedal – (with a number of soldering jobs done on the battery connection)
-a bunch of tapes ‘n tapes CDs (US version of The Loon) and t-shirts (white with colored trees on them)