home and the ’07

us tapes are at home. we’re glad to be home. we plan on staying at home for a bit. while we’re at home we plan on 1) taking it easy for a bit, 2) getting caught up with old friends (i.e. our buddys, our peeps, season 3 of Lost, the NFL play-offs, and our record collections), and 3) writting/working on a new record. so far, so good. it is unseasonably warm here in the MN, which apparently is due to some little baby from Spain (called “El Nino”), but we’re not complaining.

thanks to dosh, halloween, AK, and all you crazy kids that came down to first ave on friday. we had a blast! it was rad to end a great year with such a fun show at home with friends.

and last but not least, happy new year! thanks to everyone who helped make 2006 such a crazy year for us. we had lots of fun, and hopefully you did too. see y’all soon.

yours truly,

tapes ‘n tapes