spring tour, mexico, and more

the last month or so have been pretty quite for us. it hasn’t gotten above 0 degrees (farenheit) for a few weeks here in minnesota, so we’ve been just tryin to keep warm. but let’s not focus on the cold, because soon enough it will be sunny out and we’ll all be grillin out. right? right.

so enough talk of the weather, there’s more exciting business going on for us. first off, we’re going to be heading out on tour again this spring. we’ll be headin coast to coast in april and may for a grand ol north american tour. the tour will include a stop at the coachella arts and music festival , which we’re super excited about. we’ll also be joined on tour by our soon-to-be new best friends ladyhawk and harlem shakes . check out the shows page for all the tour details.

in other touring news, we’ll be making our first trip to mexico in march, to play at the mx beat festival in mexico city on march 10th. we can’t wait for our frostbitten skin to feel the warm mexican breezes.

and finally, the rumors are true, we have been writing new songs for a new record. and yes, we do like the new songs. and hopefully a few of them can make appearances at some of our upcoming shows.

that’s all for now, thanks for tuning in. til next time,