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Still Alive

it’s been two months since the last website update, but fear not, the brothers tapes are still alive and kickin.

“what’s been going on in the world of tapes ‘n tapes for the last two months?”, you ask.

well, they’ve been on tour in both the UK and the US since mid-may, hence the lack of website updates.

“oh, that explains a few things”.

yes, hopefully it makes the neglect to a little more understandable.

“so what’s next?”

well…the boys will be heading out to new york city in a couple of weeks to play at Siren Music Festival on 7/15 and then play a show at Maxwell’s on 7/16. Then the boys will be hurrying home so they can play with the plastic constellations at First Avenuein the MAINROOM on 7/22! that’s right, TNT will be gracing the same stage that Purple Rain was shot on. this show is 18+, so all you kids need to buy your tickets and high tail it down to first ave. three days after those crazy shinanigans, the brothers will hit the road with their friends the futureheads for ten days of touring. along the way they’ll hit up the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago (on 7/30) and Street Scene in sunny San Diego on 8/5.

as if that weren’t all enough, the boys are also excited to announce that the video for Insistor is being played on MTV2 (both in the UK and US) and you can check it out on the tapes page (from the comfort of your own computer). in slightly more bewlidering news…aparently Time magazine (yes, the one that does Time/Life books), has picked the loon as one of its “6 Summer Albums to Play Nice and Loud”. this may be the only time tapes ‘n tapes are ever on a list that includes toby keith, busta ryhmes, and AFI…but you never know. you can check out the article here

“is that all?”

for now, yep, that’s pretty much it…the boys will also be heading over to the UK in august to play Reading/Leeds Carling Weekend, Electric Picnic, and some other shows…but i guess that’s it….sorry it took so long…it’s just been a while…you know?

“yeah…we know…don’t do it again”