Hit N Run

oh yeah, that’s right, we like us some video games, and we like us some baseball, so who were we to turn the offer to have video games at our shows for the upcoming tour? that’s right, there’s gonna be some mad wicked crazy XboX360’s all up in the place for all of our upcoming tour, and you’ll be able to play 2Ksports MLB 2K7 video game. and who knows, maybe we’ll challenge you to a game, and maybe we’ll hit a grand slam off of your weak ass pitcher…who knows…anythings possible, right? right.

so that’s the deal. this here april/may tour is the “Hit N Run Tour”, it’s got a flashy logo:

and a flashy tour bus to boot, so we’re pretty excited (we could really only be more excited if joe mauer was on the side of the bus, instead of that damn yankee, derek jeter). you can’t win ‘em all, so i guess derek jeter it is.