springtime for tapes

that’s right, all, it’s spring! that means the snow here in minnesota is finally melting. the heavy winter coats are being shed for lighter coats, and frowns are being shed for laughter and mirth. all in all, things are good.

we had a wonderful trip to mexico a few weeks ago. thanks to everyone who braved the cold a rain to come see us play. it was our first time to mexico, and it was everything we had hoped for and more. we hope to be back soon for more sunshine, music, and margaritas.

now we are back at home in lovely minneapolis. we’ll be hunkering down in our practice space for the next few weeks to try and get all of the news songs ready for the april/may tour. that’s right, new songs. we’ll have a bunch of new songs for all of your aural enjoyment this tour. it’s pretty exciting stuff…at least it is for us. you should also keep your eyes peeled for some shows to be added to the tour…

before we hit the road, i (josh) will be playing a “solo” show at the whole in coffman union (at the University of Minnesota) on april 12th as part of the Making Music show series. according to the whole’s website, ”(the show) includes interviews, live demonstrations, videos, exclusive and unreleased tracks, prizes, and Q+A from the audience”. so it should be a lot of fun. best of all, it’s all ages and free.

and that’s pretty much all the news from our side of the mississippi.