technical difficulties and blog experiments

we’ve been getting some emails about broken image links on the site. first off, we’d like to apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. a few weeks ago we switched our web hosting company (our old one sucked ass…), and it looks like there are a few image links that didn’t get properly moved over. hopefully, this should all be sorted out in the next few days. thanks for your patience, and thanks to philipp and brian for the pointing out the broken links.

on a different note, we’re trying out a blogging experiment right now. we’re going to try and write a blog on our myspace page everyday this summer. since we’re just going to be chilling at home and working on the new record this summer, we figured we’d try and keep in touch via a blog. so if you are interested in reading about what we’re grillin, drinkin, and listening to, you might want to check it out.